Basket Weaving Workshop 


Buck Dollarhide is a locally known ceramicist, weaver, and long-standing Terra Rosa artist. Participants will learn to weave an 8-inch diameter ribbed melon basket, using round and flat reeds in natural and smoked colors (similar to Bucks baskets currently available at Terra Rosa Gallery). 


Open to participants 16 years of age and older; no previous basket-weaving experience is needed! Registration includes all materials and tools required during the workshop. The workshop will handle no more than 8 participants! 


Saturday, April 20, 2024


9 am to 5 pm


$120/person (supplies included)

Color Harmony with Confidence Watercolor Workshop

Join us for a two-day workshop with the talented Mike Henry! For the past 15 years, he has come to Creede, Colorado, to assist the infamous painter Stephen Quiller, with his popular workshops. After 18 years as a professional artist, taking techniques from years with Stephen and refining his own methods, he has a career to be very proud of, with publications including “Splash 20: Creative Composition” and “Splash 19: The Illusion of Light.” 


Terra Rosa Art Gallery is proud to host such an established artist. The workshop will be two seven-hour days, broken up into three-hour sessions with an hour lunch break. This course is open to all levels. If you are a beginner, we ask that you come 30 minutes before class starts so Mike can show you the basics of applying paint. This course will be demonstrated in watercolor but will teach you how to create harmonious colors within any medium. Color theory is often overlooked and underrated, so learn how to manipulate your work with the power of color. 


Friday and  Saturday, May 3-4, 2024


10 am - 5 pm 


$250.00 / person (all supplies included) 


Using greens and reds effectively

Using different triads to make warm and cool grays

Exploring complementary colors (making grays, making warm and cool grays)

Exploring Color & Light with Oil Painting 

Join Dana to explore the essential foundations of light and how it affects color and composition in painting.

She will be demonstrating in oil, but other painting mediums are welcome. Each morning and afternoon, she will begin with a short lecture and a demo followed by hands-on painting and individual instruction.

On day one we will learn about color and light and how they affect values, color mixing, light, and shadow. We will discuss palette options and how to decide what to use in your painting. We will then use your color palette to create your own color reference charts.

On day two we will do a simple painting from a photo reference or life using what we learned on the previous day. Participants will paint on their own with one-on-one instruction following each demo.

At the end of the second day, time permitting, we will have a critique and review of current work.


Friday and Saturday, July 19th and 20th

9 am - 4 pm




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